My name is Daphné. I am a singer-songwriter, poet, crafter, Designer and a world wandered. An overall entrepreneur: La Renaissance Femme!

Welcome to my Blog!

In Central Park with my Uke - Pic captured by @RoxaneSparks
In Central Park with my Uke – Pic captured by @RoxaneSparks

For years I had an awesome job involving lots of traveling, financial stability and many other perks. It was great but there was a part of me that wasn’t fully satisfied and this was slowly making me very depressed.


So I decided to quit my job and do some soul searching, in Mauritius…

Dancing in SugarCane Fields in Mauritius
Dancing in SugarCane Fields in Mauritius

Yes, this was radical – but it felt so right

At first I wasn’t completely sure how to sustain my lifestyle. Sure I had some savings and my credit cards were taken care of, but I needed a plan.

After a few months of unemployment, relaxing and world wondering, I came back to New York refreshed and ready to seriously brainstorm. I asked myself: if money wasn’t a worry what would “living my best life look like”. This was easy to answer: traveling the world, making beautiful music and hanging out with friends.

How could I find a way of conciliate those 3 things?

That’s when I had the idea of creating a blog focused on travel and music.

Please follow me in my adventures. I hope you will like it and it will inspire you to follow your life’s purpose!

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