Can’t Do it All But I Try!

After a great weekend at my friend’s wedding, I got back to work: I was able to take many pictures and videos of landmark in Marseille.


I started my Monday by strolling up and down the color-washed facade and never ending charming stairs and slopes of the historic neighborhood of Le Panier  – “Old Town”.


My first stop was at Le Bazar de César, a cute little store specialized in selling Savon de Marseille. This soap made with vegetable oil and more particularly Olive (the highest content is 72%) has been produced for over 600 years and is made with Olive oil and has amazing virtues!


I was able to interview one of the owner, Georges who explains more about the soap in the below video:

Not only can you find cute stores, if you are a fan of street art you are in for a treat. Here are some of the amazing graffiti crafted by local artists. More here


That Monday it was the Mistral (The mistral is a strong, cold, northwesterly wind) was blowing so strongly, that after lunching with my girlfriends I had to go back home early.

Tuesday was extremely busy! I went to the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations Mucem + Cathedral la Major


Then headed to Notre Dame de la Garde and the Pharo Palace


All that before meeting with my adorable cousin Anthony for lunch break. He also took me around town in scooter, and oh boy let me tell you I had the time of my life! Firstly I hadn’t been on a scooters in ages so at first it was a bit scary, but we were really able to go all around town and take amazing pictures and footage and of course catch up over delicious treat.


I am so excited to soon share the videos on my Youtube Channel (Subscribe here)

I am currently editing and I will probably have to do it in two parts so to be more digestable! Should be out in the next couple of weeks


Wednesday morning I took the train back up to Paris.

I stayed in my old neighborhood, République, which just so happened to be walking distance from my show’s venue.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-07 at 06.11.51

The highlight of my week was of course my show in Paris at l’Etage. Despite a few technical difficulties I am mentioning on my last music blog I had a blast and I can honestly said it was a success!

Many of my friends showed up and I met new French musicians.



Flew back the next day (Thursday) and I am now finally back in New York.

I have to get ready for my upcoming show on Sunday at a local spot named Pianos

One of the take away was that again, this past week was another testimony that it is hard to do it all on my own and I should definitely seek out to build a team to be with me in my adventures! Nonetheless, I am so extremely grateful to be able to be able to experience all those wonderful things.

Until next time!

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