Paname & Massilia

I landed in Paris this past Wednesday morning. The debarking, custom + immigration took about 45 total which is pretty good and it went pretty smoothly. I was also very happy because right out the gates my luggage was ready to be picked up.

Since I am on a limited budget this time around and I packed pretty light, I decided it would be wise to take public transportation to my friend’s house downtown Paris.

Paris, like many big cities have amazing transportation systems.

I walked through the terminal (it was a bit long, like a good 10-15min) to catch the RER B. It cost  11.40euros and was express from the airport to Gare du Nord (first stop in Paris) note: it is not always express, gotta check the schedules. It took about 35 minutes to get to Chatelet les Halles (Center of Paris).

For more details click here.


I spent my Wednesday in Paris with my good friend and TV host of Benin Tubes Carine and her adorable sons.


Thursday morning I traveled from Paris to Marseille by TGV (high travel train).


As mentioned in previous post, I love traveling by train within France for 3 main reasons:

  • Convenience: it departs from city centers so you don’t have to travel to far away airports and go through long security lines. There are 23 departures a day between the hours of 5am and 7pm (and a few more after I believe)!
  • Cost: it can be pretty inexpensive, especially if you purchase your ticket in advance – this time I paid less than 80 euros RT (and I was kinda last minutes). Usually I spend more around 70 euros and sometimes you can even get cheaper 1st class tickets than 2nd class. Below for a one way ticket a second class is 42 euros and 1st class 48 euros, but depending on the day, tickets can go down to 25/30 euros one way to the south of France – note: there is a new low cost train service called OuiGo. I haven’t tried it just yet so I can’t comment on how this work but it has limited options in terms of destinations and services as far as I understood. Maybe I will try to do it next time I come to France!

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 8.01.15 PM

  • Finally, it is very quick: the average 3.23 hours from Paris to Marseille, with the quickest trip 03h04min.

If you decide to book your ticket(s) check out the SNCF website!

The next day I arrived in Sunny Marseille! My uncle came to pick me up at Gare Saint Charles.


The weather has been amazing so far and I was able to start shooting some great visual for an upcoming vlog on Marseille, that I will upload as soon as I get back to New York. For pics, please check and follow my Instagram account

We went shopping with my aunty to the organic shop in the village of La Gavotte where my grandmother lives.


On Friday we went for a boat ride from Carry le Rouet all the way to Marseille Old Port with my uncles. It was so much fun.




I took a lot of amazing footage that I will be sharing on my Youtube Channel as soon as i get back to New York and able to edit it!

Saturday I had a wedding to attend and I had the chance to perform for the bride and groom + their guests during happy hour. I am writing all about it in my music blog


This week I am uber excited because I will continue shooting iconic places in la Cité Phocéenne before heading back to Paris on Wednesday morning for my upcoming show at l‘Etage


RSVP for Wednesday show in Paris

Thank you for reading and tune in next week for more adventures every Mondays!

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